Hi! My name is Lizz Sooy, born Elizabeth Marie Sooy, confirmed Elizabeth Marie Elizabeth Ann Seton Sooy (I don't go to church anymore though).  I was made in the Philippines then born and raised in a tiny town located in South Jersey. Miniature me, lovingly referred to as a screaming fat blob to my dad, grew up taking piano and voice lessons. Later I became a tiny dancer. I started writing songs in elementary school and continue to do so today.

         During this journey called life I picked up acting and decided to refine my artistic abilities at a place that used to be a cranberry bog, Rider University. Before graduation I released some music, dropped a video, traveled to some pretty cool places, learning a lot about myself along the way.

         In 2018 I said my farewells to being a Bronc and gained a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. Now you can find me following my passions, traveling the world, and most importantly: learning what it's like to be human.

About Me